The Staying Power of the USB Stick

twisterscienceusbWhen it comes to choosing the ultimate promotional gift, USB Flash Drives are very hard to look past and it looks like they are here to stay.

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock over the last few years, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the arrival of the Cloud might spell the end for our old friend the USB flash drive. But this couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact if anything it’s made the USB Flash Drive’s many qualities even more appealing!

Here are a few great examples as to why a Printed USB Flash Drive with your logo is still one of the most well received and appreciated corporate gift items your company can give.


USB Sticks are better than The Cloud.

Firstly you cant GIVE someone the cloud. Sure, you can send them a boring link, but you cant actually had it over to the customer, printed with your message and logo in the same way you can with a USB Flash Drive.

To use the cloud effectively you need a good internet connection, but slow connection speeds make the cloud unusable for many. A recent report found that the UK has some of the slowest connection speeds in Europe (the UK was slower than 19 European countries, 17 of which were within the EU).

Transferring data on a high-speed USB Flash Drive is a fast and effective process. Data transfer speed with USB 3.0 to USB 3.0 is lightning fast (speeds as high as 5gbps) with no requirement for internet connection what so ever!

Secondly, we’ve all heard the horror stories of cloud Security and how vulnerable your personal data might be (Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez are two terrifying examples). A flash drive, however, is in your pocket/safe/draw/secret hiding place, only you know where it is!

We have a wide range of secure USB Flash Drives all of which can be printed or engraved with your message and logo.


bespoke usbThe Flash Drive Stats don’t lie.

Over the years, lots of research has been conducted (both the British Promotional Merchandise Association and the Promotional Products Association International) as to what customers want from a corporate giveaway. Time and time again their findings clearly show that desk-top and computer-based promotional items remain the most sought after and well received.

The trusty USB Flash Drive is still to this day, the top pick and comes as no surprise when you learn that the same research also shows ‘usefulness’ as the most important quality a promotional gift can have.


Bespoke USB Versatility!

Branded USB Flash Drives are versatile! Not only can you choose from and customise 1000’s of ready-made designs in any colour, you can also have your own bespoke USB stick made to order in any shape imaginable. Click the link to see some examples of the weird and wonderful Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives.