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Custom Drives

Custom Drives

In addition to the wide range of flash drives and memory sticks we stock, we also offer a custom shape USB flash drive service. Simply, send us a sketch or photo and we will design custom usb sticks to suit your needs.

You can have bespoke memory sticks in the shape of your logo, product, a character, or even a vehicle - the possibilities are endless!

With fast production times and a minimum order quantity of only 100 units - get your very own custom shape USB Flash Drives today!

Logo shaped USB stick
Gecko shaped USB Stick
Custom Shape USB Sticks
Portable Radio Shaped USB Stick
Custom Shape Logo USB
Custom Ketchup USB
Custom Double Decker Bus
Custom VW logo
Custom Inhaler
Custom Tennis
Custom Pizza Rossa
Custom Toothbrush
Custom Pension People
Custom Costa Coffee