Best Branded Merchandise to Compliment your Printed USB Stick

USB-Flashdrive is part of Brandelity, a full-service promotional gift supplier that works with you to create the perfect promotional gift strategy for your brand. Through Brandelity, USB-Flashdrive can offer a whole range of other products that we can print with your company logo.

Many of our customers use their branded USB Sticks as part of their promotional marketing strategy. They are given away at trade shows or offered to top corporate clients, often alongside other promotional merchandise. So we began thinking, which products are best paired with printed USB Sticks and why?


tech promo products

Technology Related Products

It’s an obvious choice but other technology products, such as charging cables, charging mats, Bluetooth speakers and power banks, are great choices of promotional merchandise to be paired with your USB flash drive. A technology bundle looks impressive and it’s also easy to identify the type of client that may be impressed and use these products, increasing the amount of brand awareness you get back.


Printed Products for Trade Shows

The best fit merchandise to accompany your USB will depend on the usage. If you are buying products to give out at a Trade Show, you may want low cost, lightweight products that are useful to a wide range of types of customer, like stress balls and pens but you also want something that will stand out. Why not consider something a little more unique or seasonal like printed sunglasses or a beach ball? A great way to get people buzzing around your stand.


Branded Desktop Items

Good Old Desktop Merchandise

A USB Flash Drive can be classed as a promotional desktop item. If you were looking for merchandising ideas that fit into that category, you might want to consider notepads and pens which year after year remain at the top of the lists of popular printed merchandise. However, you might want to be more in touch with the times and print something “new” like wireless charging mats which offer great branding areas and will sit on your customers’ desks and be used daily. Or maybe you like the idea of positioning your company as eco-friendly? Branded plant pots make great promotional gifts and really stand out on your clients’ desks or in company reception areas.


We think the most important things when choosing the right promotional merchandise to accompany your printed USB flash drive is that it fits your brand image, says the right things to your clients, is useful to the person receiving it, is in keeping with your other merchandise and the event and of course, offers long-lasting brand awareness.

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