The School’s Guide to Buying Personalised USB Flash Drives


A quick and easy to follow buyers guide for Teachers & Bursars who are looking to purchase USB Memory sticks

If you are one of many Teachers who purchase bulk USB memory sticks for your students, you will want to find a model that is safe to use (robust – with no loose parts) and yet also meets tight budgetary requirements. For students that are using USB Flash Drives to submit assignments, save lecture notes or even save their presentations – memory quality and speed will be two additional considerations that are a must!

To make things easier, we have put together a quick buyer’s guide to help you find the right USB model to suit you and your students. Enjoy!

1. Go capless!

We are all guilty of losing the caps / lids of our USB memory sticks. Luckily, there are a many capless models on the market – some of which cleverly allow the USB connector to fold away neatly into the USB body. Popular models include: the Twister USB, Wristband USB, Flip Card and Bamboo Twister USB (all of which are popular models within public sector).





2. Minimise data loss

An easy and cost effective way to make sure your Branded USB Flash Drives are kept close to hand is by simply adding a key chain attachment or even a neck strap / lanyard. This will avoid any stressful situations of students losing their all important assignments or lecture notes close to deadlines. If you choose to take the option of a plain lanyard, do find out more about the ‘safety release’ option.  The quick-release clasp  will easily open to eliminate the risk of choking.

3. Don’t miss out on Public Sector Discounts.

Many suppliers of USB Memory Sticks offer public sector discounts across a wide variety of models. If your supplier’s website does not state anything to this effect, ask around (like the old saying  goes ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’). Also, if your supplier has a newsletter – sign up!! This way you’ll be first to know about any special offers and sales.

4. Keep an eye out for keywords that could save you money

If you have a restricted budget and would like to see range of flash drives that are lower in cost, here is a great tip for you! Keep an eye out for the following words on your supplier’s website: ‘Best Value Range’ , ‘Standard Models‘ , ‘Popular Models‘. All of these keywords will lead you to models that are cheaper, yet very popular in the promotional gifts market.

Here at USB-FlashDrive, we have a dedicated public sector department with more than 10 years experience. If you would like any more advice or to  find out about our range of  USB Memory SticksUSB Flash Drives, please contact us by calling +44 (0)1753 491470 or emailing: sales@usb-flashdrive.co.uk

Thank you for reading,
Navdeep Chana