A Really Cool D&T Project For Your Students – Make A Bespoke USB Memory Stick

A step-by-step school project idea: How to make personalised memory sticks

This is a really cool little design and make project that teachers (and even parents) can do with their students / children. Your class can make your very own personalised USB stick out of wood, plastic or even card Рcool eh!

To make this project happen, you will need to get hold of some USB internal chips (also known as PCB boards or USB inners) – and then follow the simple steps below…


Step One:

Design your USB casing! Think about whether you would like it to have a clip, or a lid and if you would like to to hang from a keyring. (Remember not to make the design for the casing too wide as it will beed to fit comfortably in a USB port)

Step Two:

Make a prototype to ensure you have all the dimensions for your personalised USB stick correct! Your prototype can be made from recycled paper or cardboard.

Step Three:

Choose your material for your casing! A popular choice for this project tends to be either wood or plastic – mainly because it can be easily worked and shaped.

Step Four:

Make the casing and carefully attach the USB port!

Step Five:

Personalise it with your name and class number! There are a few ways that you can do this: print onto a label; engrave directly onto your casing (for plastic, wood and metal casings) or even draw or paint your design onto your USB casing.

Step Six:

Make Your own packaging. This is optional and can be as simple as a small cardboard box or a pouch.

To find out more about personalised USB sticks, or to get a quote on bulk USB internal chips – please contact us by calling 01753 49170 or emailing us.