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How was the NHS hit by a Cyber Attack?

nhs-661936Last week the NHS was crippled when it experienced its biggest ever cyber attack. The attack caused chaos after hackers demanding a ransom breached the health services archaic computer system. Hospitals up and down the country were forced to cancel appointments and operations as experts from GCHQ’s national cyber security centre attempted to get a handle on the situation.

A computer hacking group going by the name of “Shadow Brokers”, who allegedly stole the necessary tools designed specifically to infiltrate Microsoft Windows systems from the US NSA, have since claimed responsibility.

Experts say the NHS appeared susceptible to the attack as a result of running obsolete and “no longer maintained” systems while others had just failed to apply recent security updates and patches. A staggering 90 per cent of NHS Trusts are still running Windows XP.


The importance of USB Memory Sticks and Hard-Drives highlighted.

dominodrivenhsaSince this attack it has been universally agreed that whilst installing an up to date and robust Anti-Virus program will mitigate attacks in the future, the most effective way of protecting sensitive data from future attacks is to back up and store that data on an external device that is not connected in any way to a network.

In a world where almost everything is in some way or another connected to the internet, never has a USB Memory Stick, also known as a Flash Drive, been such a vital IT accessory.

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