How many films will fit on my USB Stick?

Wondering how many films or songs will fit on your promotional USB stick?

The amount of multimedia that can be saved on your USB stick depends greatly on the quality of the files that are being uploaded. A good example of this would be your regular 90 minute long movie. A DVD ripped film or pirated download will on average be around 700mb in size. A standard quality film from iTunes will be around double that size, approx. 1.5GB and a HD 1080p film download from iTunes can be as large as 5GB.

This is why answering the question, “How many films can I fit on my USB Stick?” or “How many songs can I fit on my USB stick?” is so difficult and a search online will bring back a wide range of answers. I searched for the amount of video data that can be saved on a 4GB USB Stick, one of our best selling capacity sizes of promotional USB sticks. The answers I got back ranged from 1.5 hours to 9 hours!


We decided the best way to explain the possibilities is to show a breakdown in terms of quality of film.

So a 4GB USB Stick will hold approximately 3.8GB of data as the other 0.2GB is needed to store the firmware needed for the operations to run.


Low Resolution

If we look at your average ripped .avi or .mpeg  film, which is approximately 700mb for a 90min feature-length film, your 4GB stick would hold approximately 5 full movies.


High Resolution

If you were downloading SD films from iTunes, you would fit 2.5 movies on a 4GB USB Stick.


Looking at other multimedia, you would be able to fit approximately 900 songs or 1900 photographs which is pretty impressive going for a promotional memory stick with only a small to medium sized memory capacity.