Our Top 5 Bespoke USB Sticks of 2017 (so far…)

Creating intricate, bespoke USB sticks from your designs is one of our favourite jobs here at USB Flash Drive. We’ve brought to life some creative custom designs in the past; from a coffee cup to a life-size inhaler and even a Simon Cowell replica!

We’ve already had some amazing bespoke requests in 2017 and we’ve been over the moon with the results. Below are our Top 5 Bespoke USB Stick of 2017 so far…


  1. Learning Book

    There are a few reasons why the Learning Book custom USB makes the list. We like the educational theme, the printed design on the book and the printed metal tins that each unit comes in which really gives the drive a smart finish.

    bespoke usb stick


  2. Commander Fire Extinguisher

    These little Commander Extinguisher bespoke drives are so cute and we think it’s great how the hose connects the two parts of the design. It’s perfect if you’re prone to losing lids!

    custom made flash drive


  3. Red Phone Box

    Creating a USB stick from something as iconic as the Sir Giles Gilbert Scott designed Red Telephone Box was a lot of fun. Perfectly rectangular and bright in colour, these little flash drives had a lot of impact.

    custom memory usb


  4. Tommee Tippee Dummies

    We have created a few bespoke USB sticks for our friends Tommee Tippee over the years but these were definitely some of our favourites. With no printing, achieving the detail both on the back of the dummy and in the raised rubber writing was incredible!


    dummy shaped custom usb


  5. The iconic Red London Bus

    The last custom piece to make the list is our London Bus flash drive. Although not as detailed a design as some of the other bespokes we have done, like with the telephone box above, we felt the charm was in creating a drive of something as famous and well-loved as the London double-decker bus.

    custom-made usb stick



If you would like to find out more about our Bespoke USB Stick service or any of our flash drives, please feel free to contact our friendly team or call: +44 (0)1753 491470.

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